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About e-Government Procurement (e-GP) System
National e-Government Procurement (e-GP) portal ( i.e. ) of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is developed, owned and being operated by the Central Procurement Technical Unit (CPTU), IME Division of Ministry of Planning. The e-GP system provides an on-line platform to carry out the procurement activities by the Public Agencies - Procuring Agencies (PAs) and Procuring Entities (PEs).
The e-GP system is a single web portal from where and through which PAs and PEs will be able to perform their procurement related activities using a dedicated secured web based dashboard. The e-GP system is hosted in e-GP Data Center at CPTU and the e-GP web portal is accessible by the PAs and PEs through internet for their use.
The e-Government Procurement solution introduced under the Public Procurement Reform (PPR) Process is being supported by the World Bank and being used by all the government organizations which will help in ensuring equal access to the Bidders / Tenderers, Efficiency, Transparency and Accountability in the Public Procurement Process in the country.
The e-GP System will be implemented in two phases:
  • e-Tendering System: Covering complete Tendering processes such as centralized user registration, preparation of Annual Procurement Plan (APP), Instruction to Tenderers (ITT), sale of Tender Documents (TD), conducting online pre-bid meeting, collection of bid security, bid submission, bid evaluation, negotiations and  contract awards.
  • e-Contract Management System (e-CMS): Covering complete Contract Management processes such as work plan submission, defining milestone, tracking and monitoring progress, generating reports, performing quality checks, generation of running bills, vendor rating and generation of completion certificate.
Presently, e-Tendering System is launched on pilot basis and eventually be rolled out to all PEs of four Sectoral Agencies, namely Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Rural Electricity Board (REB) and Roads and Highways Department (RHD).

All the stakeholders, including Tenderers / Applicants / Consultants (National and International), PEs, Procurement Related Committees, Payment Service Providers, Development Partners (DPs), Media, Operation, Maintenance and Management Entity (OMME), e-GP System Administrators, Auditors and General Public will get access to e-GP system and information as specified in the Terms and Conditions of Use and Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

The e-GP system shall be used by all concerned, for procurement of goods, works and services using public fund, following the ‘Government Procurement (e-GP) Guidelines’ prepared under the provision of Section 67 of the PPA -2006 and Rule 128 of PPR-2008 and issued.
e-GP System Access Diagram
The e-GP System Comprises of following key Modules/Functionalities:
  1. Centralized Registration System
    (Contractors/Applicants/Consultants, Procuring Entities and other actors of e-GP)
    • Centralized Tenderer /Consultant registration
    • Procuring Entity (PE) registration
    • Media Registration
    • Payment service providers registration
    • Development partners registration
  2. e-Tendering (e-Publishing/e-Advertisement, e-Lodgment, e-Evaluation, e-Contract award) System
    • Annual Procurement Planning (APP) preparation and publishing
    • Standard Tender Document (STD) Library
    • Preparation and publishing Invitation to Tender
    • Preparation and publishing Tender Document
    • Online Pre-Tender Meeting
    • Publishing Tender Corrigendum / Addendum / Amendment
    • Online Tender / Application / Proposal preparation by Tenderers / Applicants / Consultants
    • Online Tender Submission / Tender Substitution / Tender Withdrawal
    • Online Tender Opening
    • Online Tender Evaluation by Technical Committees
    • Post Qualification
    • Online Negotiations
    • Issuance of Notice of Award (NOA)/ LOI
    • Online Contracts
  3. Procurement Management Information System (PROMIS)
    • Compliance monitoring through key procurement performance indicators
    • MIS reports
  4. Workflow management System
  1. e-Contract Management System (e-CMS)
    • Work Plan Submission
    • Progress Report generation, submission / acceptance
    • Defining Payment Milestones
    • Running Bill Payment Processing
    • Variation Order / Repeat Order
    • Quality certification
    • Work Completion Certificate
    • Final Payment
    • Supplier Rating
    • Complaint and resolution database
  2. e-Payment System
    • Registration Fee, Tender document purchase fee, and other services fee Collection
    • Receive Tender Security and performance security submission
    • Transactions for security release and forfeiture handling
  3. System and Security Administration
    • E-Signature (Generation of Hash/Signature)
    • PKI based digital signature
    • Bid Encryption/ Bid Decryption
    • 128 Bit SSL
  4. Handling Errors and Exceptions
  5. Application Usability & Help
    • Integrated Inbox / Message Box
    • Integrated e-Mail / SMS Gateway
    • Dashboards for Procurement Performance Monitoring
    • Manuals for all users
    • Help desk support
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