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Name of Division No. of Tenders/Proposals being Processed
Bridges Division 19
Computer Science Division 0
Division of IT 0
Division of Power 2
Division of Procurement 1
Division of Telecommunication 0
Division of Water 0
eGP 642
Energy and Minearal Resources 0
IME Division 95
IMED Division 107
IMED Division- ToT 2 135
Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED) 452
Information and Communication Technology Division 9
labour & Empowerment 0
Local Government Division 7240
Local Government Division(Div.) 0
Local Government Division- 10815
Ministry of Inforamtion Technology North 0
Ministry of Inforamtion Technology South 0
MOH div 0
North Division 57
PE & Tenderer Training 45
Planning Division 0
Power Division 1724
Practice 0
Practice2 33
Public Works Department 0
Railways Division 0
Roads & Highways 0
Roads Division 0
Telecommunications 0
The Roads and Highways Department (RHD) 0
Training 0
Training Division 0
UGC2 1
University Grant Commission 6

Last Record is updated on Jun 27 2022 5:15AM
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